10K fEEbEE LED T Engine


10K fEEbEE LED T Engine: Retrofit into original ETC Source 4 luminaire. Protocols: DMX & or RDM ready. 5-pin XLR & In/out; PowerCon connection. Tuneable white variable from 3000° to 5700°K. Min CRI 96 3000K; Min CRI 94 5700K.

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10K fEEbEE LED T Engine

Main features and specification for 10K fEEbEE LED T Engine:

  • Simple

Remove the reflector and insert the LED light engine. Takes around 5 minutes.

  • Light quality

Consistent output. Excellent colour rendering CRI 93-98. Constant colour temperature.

Light output equivalent to a 750w halogen lamp. Flicker free. Compatible with all ETC S4 lens options.

  • Variable Colour Temperature

Colour temperature control from 2300 ° K to 10,000 ° K. CRI from 93 to 98 depending on the unit. Halogen lamp emulation function.

  • Low Power Consumption

Maximum 170W. Neutrik Powercon connector in and link out.

  • Dimming

Dimming control via 8 or 16 bit DMX. Uniform and smooth operation down to 0%.

  • Heat

Low heat production. Cool enough to use acetate sheet gobos.

  • Noise

Fan speed can be adjusted to reduce noise.

  • Minimal maintenance

LED life 30,000 hours.

  • Environmentally friendly

Recycling existing luminaires and flight cases.

  • Manufactured and assembled in EU

Utilising reliable, high quality components.

Other versions available:

  • Tungsten only 3000°K
  • Daylight only 5600°K
  • Coloured RGBWA
  • Coloured RGBACL

Give a new lease of life to your Tungsten Source 4. Convert it to an LED version.

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Glossary: 10K fEEbEE ETC Source Four LED T Engine


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