SGM VP Power + Data Joiner

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SGM VP Power + Data Joiner is an SGM Item no. 83062046.

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SGM VP Power + Data Joiner

Main features and specification for SGM VP Power + Data Joiner:

  • Intended to join power and data in one single VP cable
  • Waterproof / Dustproof
  • SGM Item no. 83062046

The VP Power + Data Joiner is designed to join power and data for a daisy chain of VP fixtures. One VP Power + Data Joiner can send power and data to no less than 65 VPL 1220-20 units.

The VP Power + Data Joiner is a waterproof / dustproof connection box with a VP female chassis connector, a power cable with bare ends, and a RJ45 chassis connector. This item must be installed before the first VP fixture in the cabled string and before the circuit breaker (for power) and VP Processor (for data). SGM always recommends to install a 10amp type B circuit breaker for each string of cabled VPL luminaires.

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