Chauvet Professional WELL Gobo

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Chauvet Professional WELL Gobo is a wireless, IP 65 rated, battery powered Gobo Projector comes in a pack of 4 with a self-charging case.

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Chauvet Professional WELL Gobo

Main features and specification for Chauvet Professional WELL Gobo:

  • A completely wireless, IP 65 rated, battery powered Gobo Projector with a cool white LED and manual framing shutters that is controlled by W-DMX, IR remote (not included), or manually from the OLED display
  • Zoom range of 20° to 41° making sizing patterns on surfaces easy
  • Hard and soft focuses are easily achieved
  • Works with both glass and metal E size gobos (1 mm max thickness)
  • User selectable PWM settings to ensure flawless on camera operation
  • M12 hole for easy clamp installation
  • Up to 8 hours of operational time on full charge
  • Recharging case can be power linked to save on power outlets
  • Recharging case can be charged with the lid closed saving warehouse space

WELL Gobo is a compact, outdoor-ready, battery-powered gobo projector ideal for corporate and event rental inventories. Compatible with both glass and metal gobos, the unit also features a manual 20 to 41-degree zoom and framing shutters for flawless shutter cuts. Set it then forget it with onboard OLED display, and control your way with WDMX to link to WELL COM. WELL Gobo includes multiple mounting options and comes in a pack of 4 with a self-charging case.

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Glossary: Chauvet VEL Gobo


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