Powersoft M28Q HDSP+ETH


Powersoft M28Q 4-Channels Power Amplifier for Touring and Installation: HDSP+ETH included providing on-board DSP and Ethernet interfaces.

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8 in stock


Powersoft M28Q HDSP+ETH

Main features and specification for Powersoft M28Q HDSP+ETH:

Power supply

  • Advanced switch-mode power supply technology for high performance and compact size
  • Fixed frequency switch mode output
  • Patented output filter with ripple cancellation network

Protections – Fully protected circuit design with:

  • Ac protection: shut down power supply when AC mains voltage is outside the operating range
  • Clip limiter: prevents severely clipped waveforms from reaching loudspeakers, while still maintaining full peak power output
  • DC protection: protects against infrasonic signal at the outputs
  • VHF protections: protects the loudspeakers against non-audible, strong, non-musical high-frequency signals
  • Short circuit protection: protects the amplifier from short circuit or other stressful events for the output circuits with automatic protection reset
  • Long term limiter: protects the loudspeaker against steady long term RMS (non-audio) signals reducing maximum output
  • Thermal protection: output stages operating temperature up to 75 °C (167 °F)
  • Temperature controlled continuous variable speed fan, front to back airflow

Digital Signal Processing

  • Analog Devices ADAU 1701 DSP architecture
  • 24 bit @ 48 kHz, 120 dB S/N AD/DA converters
  • Separate input/output EQ’s with numerous filters of various types up to 48 dB/oct
  • Peak, RMS, and frequency-dependent limiters
  • Delay for time alignment


  • Direct drive constant voltage, 70V Hi-Z distributed lines*
  • Compact size – all models only 1 RU for reduced rack cost and space
  • Lightweight – all models only 7.4 kg (16.3 pounds) for easier racking and shipping
  • Neutrik XLR balanced inputs with loop thru XLR and Speakon outputs connectors
  • Recessed stepped attenuators
  • Modular construction
  • Full four years warranty

Remote management

  • Control and monitoring through ArmoníaPlus
  • Interface available for MediaMatrix, Crestron, AMX, Q-SYS control, and monitoring systems

* = HDSP+ETH version with HPF and output voltage limiter preset / external HPF and output voltage limiter required with no-HDSP+ETH version.

Maximum efficiency warrants minimum current draw, heat dissipation, and power consumption, resulting in “green” products, saving the user a substantial amount of money over time.

The M28Q HDSP+ETH version provides on-board DSP and Ethernet interfaces. The high-performance DSP is hidden inside and safe against accidental or intentional tampering; monitoring and amplifier settings can be done via ArmoníaPlus (Interface available for MediaMatrix, Crestron, AMX, Q-SYS control, and monitoring systems).

Locally, the M28Q HDSP+ETH lets the user access up to four presets per pushbutton on the rear panel.

Powersoft M Series – The Reliable, Flexible, Affordable Amplifier Platform.

Featuring Powersoft’s unparalleled quality, flexibility, and safety, plus high-efficiency performance in a lightweight, 1 RU unit, the M Series offers an impressive value for both touring and installations.

For a power amplification platform delivering exceptional efficiency and flexibility, the M Series represents a remarkable value in a reduced-weight, 1RU amplifier platform. The M Series is available in 4-channel — capable of providing up to 1,250 W per channel at 4 ohms — and 2-channel, which offers up to 1,500 W per channel at 4 ohms.

All M Series amplifiers feature Powersoft’s full protection scheme. In addition, both 2- and 4-channel M Series amplifier platform offer optional HDSP+ETH, which enables remote control and advanced signal processing abilities through Powersoft’s ArmoníaPlus.

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Glossary: Powersoft M 28 Q HDSP ETH, Powersoft M28 Q HDSPETH, Powersoft M 28Q HDSP ETH


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