Brackets for Fane SV-12 Speakers

Fane SV-12

The SV-12 has been engineered and optimised to excel in all areas of professional sound reinforcement. Crisp and clean highs from the premium Fane 1” Exit HF driver, mounted to an elliptic 80° x 60° horn, seamlessly integrates with a highly detailed mid and low frequency response from the 12” (3” voice coil) LF driver to offer a balanced tonal signature that’s packed with character. Thanks to the extensive development work on the SV series phase-aligned crossover components, the SV-12 is not reliant on heavy DSP correction, sounding great even in plug-and-play situations.

  • 300 W RMS power handling.
  • 122 dB continuous SPL output.
  • Equipped with premium Fane drivers.
  • Elliptic 80° x 60°, low resonance glass fibre horn.
  • Void-free birch plywood enclosure construction.
  • Proprietary RockTex paint finish with matt black topcoat.
  • Twin Neutrik Speakon NL4 connectors.
  • 12x M8 mounting points with internal metal brackets.
  • 35 mm pole mount adapter.

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Showing all 4 results